As a private woodlot owner, do you recognize the values and potential in your forest?

What do you want your woodlot to provide for you, your family and future generations?

Woodland is a renewable and valuable resource. Picea Forestry Consultants can help you to manage your woodland properly.

Picea Forestry Consulting & Woodlot Services offers a wide range of forest management services throughout Nova Scotia for private woodlot owners.

Above, selection management allows the woodlot owner to enjoy the benefits of a natural woodland while deriving periodic income from the woodlot.

There are as many benefits to a managed woodlot as there are people who enjoy them. These benefits include ...

  • timber/periodic income
  • recreation/relaxation
  • wildlife/wildlife habitat
  • aesthetics/ natural beauty
  • spiritual aspects of nature
  • a place of peace and solitude

Picea Forestry Consulting & Woodlot Services will thoroughly assess your woodlot to identify potential and determine the best management activities to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Sustainable forest management is the key to woodlot success, and Picea Forestry Consulting & Woodlot Services is the key to management success.

Above, individual tree selection in a softwood stand. This treatment encourages younger trees while promoting growth and quality development of trees in the middle and upper canopy. Picea Forestry Consulting wrote the management plan for this property, which won the Provincial Woodlot Owner of the Year Award in 2007.

Picea Forestry Consulting & Woodlot Services

Picea services for the woodlot owner

  • Complete forest management and harvest planning
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Specialty projects, with thorough discussion to determine service(s) you require
  • Woodlot assessments to identify woodlot values, potential and special features
  • Timber cruise and woodland evaluations to estimate woodlot products by volume
  • Woodlot successional planning
  • Harvest/silviculture layout, tree marking and/or supervision
  • Access to silviculture programs (liaison between Registered Buyers and private landowners)
  • GPS services for accurate measurement of harvest and silviculture areas, agriculture fields including Christmas trees, etc.
Above, crop tree release encourages the growth of potentially high-value trees such as this 40-year-old yellow birch.

Picea Forestry Consulting & Woodlot Services will help you manage your woodlot from development of a forest management plan to implementing harvest and silviculture activity. We will develop a forest-management plan for you to not only improve the health and growing conditions of your woodlot but also help you qualify for the tax-deferred intergenerational transfer of your woodlot when it is passed on to the next generation.

We are very flexible in the services we provide to help you manage your woodlot and achieve your goals and objectives over the short & long term.

We will help you learn more about managing for the natural forest, including ...

  • Selection harvesting: Periodic partial harvest by either individual tree or group selection, crop tree release, or a combination of these methods to promote high-quality products. This practice permits forest cover to be maintained while promoting a natural forest with multiple ages, species and heights.

  • Ecology-based forest management: Managing the forest based on factors such as climate, geology/soils, vegetation, natural succession patterns and natural disturbances

  • Crop Tree Release: Removal of trees interfering with growth and quality development of potentially high-value trees.

Above, owners of well-managed woodlots enjoy many benefits, including the opportunity to watch wildlife.